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Curriculum Night Q&A

Curriculum Night Q&A


The following questions were received at Curriculum Night. If at any time you have any other questions, please feel free to email your homeroom teacher J


Q: What educational activities are offered at school the week of Space Camp for the students who do not attend camp?

A: During the week of Space Camp we do a student led project that allows the students to explore subjects they don’t normally have time for in class. It varies from year to year. One year the students researched historical artifacts and created presentations (videos, Prezis, skits etc.) to teach each other about their chosen artifact. Another year students got to create their own product/business and explored the different aspects that go into starting a company. They learned about things such as advertising, budgeting and production. We have not chosen a project for this year but it will be something fun and engaging!


Q: Is the Class Dojo code the same for all teachers?

A: Yes! If you put in the code sent home it will sign you up for all four classes your student has.


Q: How is bullying handled at Mill Creek?

A: Madison City Board Policy (6.23.2e) defines "bullying" as a pattern of intentional, repeated, aggressive behavior directed by or on behalf of one student against another.  Mill Creek responds to reported and confirmed cases of bullying as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct (Section XXII. Classification of Violations and Consequences, beginning on pg. 24), which can be accessed in the "Policies" section of the Madison City Schools website.


Q: How does the school enact Erin’s Law?

A: For more information on how this law is handled at Mill Creek please contact the guidance counselor, Ashley Claborn. She will be happy to answer any questions. Her email is afclaborn@madisoncity.k12.al.us.


Q: When will Math Team information be sent home for the interested students?

A: Mrs. Bloom & Ms. Vermillion will be sending home information about math team at the beginning of September. Math Team will meet once a week after school. 


Q: How often do they test in Math?

A: Every week, the students will have a timed skills test. The scores only count on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th weeks of each 9 week grading period. There will usually be a Quiz (Standards Check) after every 2-3 lessons that we complete (about 4-5 per nine weeks). There will also be a Chapter Test at the end of each chapter (about 2 per nine weeks). Ms. Vermillion/Mrs. Ring will keep you updated with these quizzes and tests on their teacher website. 


Q: Will math be split by ability this year?

A: Math classes will not be divided by ability level. Ms. Vermillion/Mrs. Ring will have leveled activities/lessons that will meet each student's needs.


Q: If the homework in math is checked daily and points are lost if the work is not completed, does this make it daily homework not weekly homework?

A: Although they are doing part of the assignment daily, they are given the packet at the beginning of each week and the grade for the entire assignment is entered at the end of each week. This helps account for absent student who need to get caught up and also allows students to manage their math homework in a way that works for them. For example, if they know they have football practice on Thursday, they might do their Thursday night portion of the assignment on Wednesday. Also, if we were to put 25 pts in per day the gradebook would not accurately show their grade until Friday, making their grade look lower than it truly is.