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6th Grade Information - LOOK AT ME :) 

Helpful Tips for Surviving 6th Grade :)

* Please be  sure to include Mrs. Willis ( in any emails concerning transportation changes or absenses. 

* If you have a question/concern regarding a specific subject, please contact the appropriate teacher:

  • Reading - Mrs. Daughenbaugh
  • Social Studies - Mrs. Coleman
  • Math - Ms. Vermillion
  • Science - Mrs. Lanter

* We do our best to periodically check our emails during the day but we are often not able to until lunch or after school. If it is extremely important (transportation change/early check-out) please notify the front office as well as send an email so we can get the information to the child. All other emails will be answered in a timely manner :)

* We are trying to instill responsibility in our students so please try to limit items dropped of at the office during the school day. The office staff will only deliver EMERGENCY items.

* Students will not be allowed to use classroom phones or their cell phones to make calls during the school day unless it is an emergency.

* Snack time is at the beginning of 2nd block. Please send nutritious choices with your child and only water is allowed in the classroom. Food must be put away or disposed of once class starts but water may remain out all day.

* As always, gum is not permitted during the school day.

* This year, our lunch is from 12:39 till 1:09. You are always welcome to eat lunch with your child but you must remain in the cafeteria with the rest of the classes.

* Help us help you by routinely checking our class websites as well as your childs planner for homework/project due dates, upcoming tests and important events. We encourage the students to utilize their planners on a daily basis and when they know mom or dad is checking, it gives them even more encouragement!