Super Fun

We all know kids are little creative geniuses, always busy making up their own games to satisfy their roaming imaginations and busy natures. Still, they could use some ideas once in a while. Here are some backyard games you can set up.

Bean Bag Toss
Make an easy Bean Bag Toss using a double layer of poster board glued together and a large box. Use the large box as a base, and attach the poster board to one side of it. Before attaching the poster board, paint a design on it, allowing for one or more holes. We never kept score, but the kids had a lot of fun throwing those bean bags. They're easy to make from fabric scraps if you sew. Get the kids to help.

Scavenger Hunt
Hide items in yard and have the kids try to find them. This can be as easy or elaborate as you chose. Rather than encouraging competitiveness, have the children work together to find all the items.

Duck, Duck, Goose
Don't forget this classic although you need at least five friends to make this game a lot of fun. Sit in a circle and have one child walk around patting each child on the head saying, "Duck, duck, duck" and finally "goose." The child deemed "goose" stands up and runs around the circle in the opposite direction from the other child. Whoever gets back to the spot and sits down first wins the spot and the other child starts again with the "Duck, duck, goose."

Simon Says
An oldie but a goodie. If your child has a favorite character, substitute "Simon" with a character from the theme. Children should listen carefully and only do what "Simon" says.

Give a child the theme or group of animals then have them act out what the animal does. You and the kids can try to guess the name of the animal.

Freeze Tag
One child is chosen as being "it." The chosen child tags the other children by catching up to them and touching them. Once tagged, the child must remain frozen until another free child goes through their legs. When all the children are frozen (except the one who was chosen as being "it") with no one to set them free the game is over and you can start again.

Balloon Bust Relay
Purchase large balloons, stuff with a prize such as a whistle, then inflate and tie. You will need one balloon for player. Divide children into two teams and place each team behind the start line. At the other end of the room are the balloons. On your mark a child from each team runs to the other end of the room, grabs a balloon and sits on it, bounces on it, lays on it, anything they can do to make it pop.

When the balloon pops they collect their prize and run back to their teammates. The game continues until every child has retrieved their prize. If one team falls behind parents are allowed to help. Make sure you've got the movie camera rolling; you won't want to miss the action or the expressions. If you don't have time for a relay yell, "GO" and let every child grab a balloon at the same time and try to pop it.

Wits and Consequences
Blow up balloons with questions, written on strips of paper, inside and place balloons in Bag "A". Let each guest reach in and pull out a balloon on their turn. If they answer correctly they stay in the game for another 'round, if they answer incorrectly they pull a balloon out of Bag "B", pop it and have to do what it says..."Rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time", "Strut and cluck like a chicken three times". If they complete their task they can return to the game. If not they can cheer on the remaining players. When all the questions have been answered the games