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MCES Gifted- Get the Concept! 

In 3rd grade enrichment, the students "think about thinking."   Dudley the Detective, Isabel the Inventor and other friends from the PETS series (Primary Education Thinking Skills)  take the students on a journey through activities that develop divergent, convergent, evaluative and visual thinking skills.  This curriculum exposes students to higher level thinking and provides challenging activities for talented learners. 



4th-6th graders are involved in concept-based learning units.  Rather than focusing on facts and details, concept-based units are centered on "big ideas" that span time and cross various subjects areas.  The purpose behind concept-based curriculum is for students to grasp essential understandings that can be remembered, applied, and further developed for future understanding in many areas of life and learning.


The 4th grade concept is CIVILIZATION, and the essential understanding is that "all civilizations-- any time or anywhere-- have certain elements in common."  Ancient Egypt is the lens through which we look at this concept, but students get the chance to examine other civilizations of their choice in a culminating activity.

PERSPECTIVE is the 5th grade unit concept, and they explore how "perspective can affect perception of truth."  Some of the 5th graders favorite activities from this unit are debate, and-- believe it or not-- reading and performing Shakespeare!

                                                 YOU ARE TOTALLY UNIQUE!  

Since they are preparing to go to middle school and beyond, 6th grade focuses on the concept of IDENTITY digging into the questionof how "examining one's characteristics, likes and dislikes, as well as strengths and weaknesses, can help become the best version of him or herself."  Students learn the basics of genetics and discuss the characteristics, interests, different intellegences, pros and cons, and how to deal with their giftedness.  The 6th grade culminating activity is their "Lightbulb!" personal interest adventure where they get to investigate any subject or pursue any interest of their own choosing to become an expert and create a product to share-- that something extra they've always wanted to be able to do at school!