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Reading Class Resources 


Grading Scale  

Language Arts Grading Scale:

60% - Reading Assessments (application of skills using informational/non fiction text and literature/fiction text)

20% - Language Assessments (Vocabulary, Writing and Grammar)

20% - Unit Assessment (Wonders Unit Test)


Textbook Access  

Dear Student,

 Below is the Redemption Code you will need to use to access your McGraw-Hill online content within ConnectED.


Follow these steps to log in and add new content:

 1. Go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com

 2. Enter your username and password into the appropriate fields to log into ConnectED.

 USER NAME:   The prefix 11MCS followed by the first name, middle initial, last initial

 PASSWORD:  The first name initial and last name initial followed by the lunch account number

 3. Click the "Add" button to add content to your ConnectED book bag.

 4. Enter the redemption code below and follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.


Redemption Code: F82E-LXL4-463Q


* Once you have redeemed the textbook, you will not be able to access our class until I approve your account. I will approve your account within 48 hours. When you log back in click on the picture of the textbook and you should be working under the class titled Taylor-Washington. You can practice skills, read passages and search for activities.



To access Classworks, you can type or copy and paste this web address:


You can also find this web address under the links tab on my page.