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Classroom Management Plan - Strike System Information 

 6th Grade Classroom Management Plan

The 6th grade team will be using a strike system to monitor student behavior. Strikes can accumulate throughout the week but each Monday the students will start with a clean slate; no strikes will carry over. Each teacher will give their own strikes for their specific class and the time they are with the students. If a student receives a strike it will be recorded in the Class Dojo app so you can monitor their behavior throughout the week. When a strike is entered, a note may be added explaining why the strike was given. Strikes will be entered daily by 4:00. Please make sure you are checking ALL FOUR of the classes that your student has. Every three weeks, any students with less than 5 strikes total gets to participate in Game Day!


Classroom Expectations

Be respectful. Be responsible. Be cooperative. Be caring.


Strikes/Consequences for Each Class

Warning – Verbal Warning

S1 – Strike* in Class Dojo           

S2 – Strike* in Class Dojo and lunch detention**

S3 – Strike* in Class Dojo and after school detention***

S4 – Strike* in class Dojo and ISS


*The Class Dojo app uses the word negative instead of strike. Strikes and negatives are the same thing.


**If a student has 2 strikes in one week in two or more classes they will receive after school detention the following week.


***If a student has 3 or more strikes in one week in two or more classes they will receive ISS the following week.


Please help us promote a positive school environment by monitoring Class Dojo for strikes and discussing ways to maintain good behavior while at school.

Thank you for your support :)