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Weekly Reading Agenda  

Abbreviations Key:

WKBK - Wonders Practice Book

TXTBK - Wonders Textbook

RJ - Reading Journal

WF - Writing Folder


Week of 8/7/17-8/11/17

Weekly Skills: Goal setting

Activities/Assignments: STAR testing; Daruma Doll Activity (journal); Class procedures 

Important Dates:

Curriculum Night - Tuesday the 15th at 5:00

***UNIT 1 TEST 1 8/18***


Week of 8/14/17-8/18/17

Weekly Skills: Fiction Text Features (sequence) and Context Clues

Activities/Assignments: Set AR goals; Genre flip chart (journal); Sequence notes (journal); "Cow Music" and "Drumbeat of Freedom" genre compare and contrast; WKBK pg.13-15, 7 and 17; RACE practice (WF); TEST FRIDAY

Important Dates:

Curriculum Night - Tuesday at 5:00

1/2 Day Monday the 21st 


Week of 8/21/17-8/25/17

Weekly Skills: Main Idea and Details/Root Words

Activities/Assignments: Non Fiction notes (RJ); "The Secret World of Caves" main idea and details chart; Greek roots chart (RJ); WKBK pg. 23-26, 27; RACE strategy practice using tweentribune; "Attack of the Zebra Mussels" comprehension practice

Important Dates:

1/2 Day Monday

***UNIT 1 TEST 2 8/29***


Week of 8/28/17-9/1/17

Weekly Skills: Main Idea and Details/Root Words

Activities/Assignments: "Attack of the Zebra Mussels" comprehension practice; root word poster; TEST TUESDAY; Metaphors and Similes notes (RJ); Main idea and details review using "The Monster in the Mountain" and WKBK pg. 32; HOUSE DAY FRIDAY!!!!

Important Dates:

Fall pictures Thursday

1/2 Day Friday

***UNIT 1 TEST 3 9/8***


Week of 9/4/17-9/8/17

Weekly Skills: Main Idea/Details and Metaphors/Similes

Activities/Assignments: Simile/Metephor chart (RJ); WKBK pg. 33-36 and 37; Simile/metaphor poster; RACE practice using "The Monster in the Mountain"; Simile/metaphor self portrait/paragraph; Main idea and details review questions; TEST FRIDAY

Important Dates:

No school Monday

Muffins and Memories Thursday 8-8:45


Week of 9/11/17-9/15/17

Weekly Skills: Authors POV and Root Words

Activities/Assignments: Authors POV notes (RJ); "Making Money" GO (RJ); Root words chart (RJ); WKBK pg. 43-47; Grammar notes/practice (RJ) 

***UNIT 1 TEST 9/18***


Week of 9/18/17-9/22/17

Weekly Skills: ALL UNIT 1 SKILLS

Activities/Assignments: Unit 1 Test; Text structure notes (RJ); Prefix chart (RJ); "Democracy Debate" Compare and Contrast GO

Important Dates:

SCANTRON testing Wed/Thurs

***UNIT 2 Test 1 9/28***


Week of 9/25/17-9/29/17

Weekly Skills: Text Structure (Compare/Contrast and Problem/Solution) and Prefixes/Root words

Activities/Assignments: WKBK pg. 53-55/63-65; Root word poster; Tweentribune article activity; "Empire of the Sea" problem and solution GO; TEST THURSDAY; POV Notes (RJ); "Yaskul's Mighty Trade" POV GO; Connotation vs. Denotation actvitiy (RJ) 

Important Dates:

Maverick Mile Pep Rally Friday

***UNIT 2 Test 2 10/5***


Week of 10/2/17-10/6/17

Weekly Skills: POV (1st vs. 3rd) and Connotation/Denotation

Activities/Assignments: Writing using different POV's (WF); WKBK pg. 73 (POV); Connotation sort; "Yaskul's Mighty Trade" comprehension; TEST FRIDAY

Important Dates:

Maverick Mile Friday

Fall Break next week!

***UNIT 2 Test 3 10/20***


Week of 10/9/17-10/13/17

FALL BREAK - Have fun!


Week of 10/16/17-10/20/17

Weekly Skills: POV (1st vs. 3rd) and Suffixes

Activities/Assignments: Suffix notes (RJ); "Cusi's Secret" 3rd person POV; WKBK pg. 83-87; POV comic strip; Suffix sort; TEST FRIDAY

Important Dates:

Report Cards Wednesday


Week of 10/23/17-10/27/17

Weekly Skills: Theme and Personification

Activities/Assignments: Personification notes (RJ); Theme notes (RJ; "Superdog" read aloud with GO; WKBK pg. 93/97; Theme task cards; Explaining personification activity; Halloween essay; Book character/vocab word costume design

Important Dates:

Book Fair visit Tuesday

***UNIT 2 TEST 4 10/30***

***Unit 2 TEST 1/2***


Week of 10/30/17-11/3/17

Weekly Skills: All Unit 1

Activities/Assignments: TEST MONDAY; Theme Filled Cupcakes project; Halloween Essay final draft; Review stations; UNIT 2 TEST THURSDAY

Important Dates:

Book character/vocab word dress up day 10/31


Week of 11/6/17-11/10/17

Weekly Skills: Theme and Context Clues

Activities/Assignments: Context Clues notes (RJ); WKBK pg. 107; WG Read "The Rockstars Build a Soccer Field" TXTBK pg. 166 and theme graphic organizer WKBK pg. 102; Make Believe Words activity; WKBK pg. 103-105 and 113-117; House Day Thursday!!!

Important Dates:

Progress Reports go home Wednesday

1/2 Day Thursday

No School Friday

***UNIT 3 TEST 1 11/15***


Week of 11/13/17-11/17/17

Weekly Skills: Theme and Context Clues

Activities/Assignments: Context Clues task cards; Mystery Word Project; Classworks Unit; TEST WEDNESDAY; AR conferences; Suffix/Prefix notes (RJ); Text Structure notes (RJ)

Important Dates:

Hat Day Friday - Bring in $1 for our coin drive and you can wear a hat to school!


Week of 11/20/17-11/24/17

Weekly Skills: Context Clues

Activities/Assignments: Thanksgiving passages (context clues/basic comprehension)

Important Dates:

No school Wednesday-Friday

***UNIT 3 TEST 2 11/30***


Week of 11/27/17-12/1/17

Weekly Skills: Text Structure and Prefixes/Suffixes

Activities/Assignments: Text structure GO's; WKBK pg. 122-127; Tree branch activity RJ; "Jewels from the Sea" Test Review; Prefix/Suffix BINGO; TEST THURSDAY

Important Dates:

Game day Monday!

***UNIT 3 TEST 3 12/8***


Week of 12/4/17-12/8/17

Weekly Skills: Main Idea/Details and Synonyms/Antonyms

Activities/Assignments: Main Ideaand Details notes (RJ; Synonym/Antonym chart (RJ); "Fall of the Giants" main idea chart (RJ); Antonym sort (RJ); WKBK pg. 142-147; CLassworks unit ; TEST FRIDAY

Important Dates:


Week of 12/11/17-12/15/17

Weekly Skills: Text Structure and Context Clues

Activities/Assignments: Cause and Effect Notes (RJ); Context Clues Notes (RJ); "Marian Anderson" C&E flipchart (RJ); WKBK pg. 133-135; Context Clues passage/chart (RJ); Holidays Around the World intro.; STAR

Important Dates:

STAR testing on Friday


Week of 12/18/17-12/22/17

Weekly Skills: Main Idea and Details

Activities/Assignments: Holidays around the world research project

Important Dates:

Holiday Party Tuesday

1/2 Day Wednesday


Week of 12/25/17-12/29/17