Heather Chaffin Staff Photo

Class Schedule  


Mrs. Chaffin’s Class Schedule


7:40-8:30 Morning Work/Journal Writing/Morning Math Meeting

8:30-10:00 Language Arts Block (Whole Group, Literacy/Phonics Centers, and Small Group Instruction)

10:00-10:30 Math Whole Group

10:30-10:50 Recess

10:50-11:15 Lunch

11:15-12:15 Math Small Group Instruction and Centers

12:15-12:45 P.E.

12:45-2:00 Social Studies and Science Instruction

2:00-2:15 Snack and Read Aloud

2:15-2:40 Clean Up/Pack/Afternoon Meeting

2:40- Dismissal



Tuesday 1:15-2:00 Music (1st Semester)/Art (2nd Semester)

Thursday 9:50-10:20 Spanish

Thursday (Bi-Weekly) 11:20-12:00 Whole Group Counselor Sessions (Character Education)

Friday 1:00-2:00 Computer Lab