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Class Guidelines  


  Children are in more need of

       models than critics.   ~Joubert



I will listen and follow directions quickly.

I will make smart choices.

I will respect myself, my classmates, and my teachers.

I will respect personal space and personal property.

I will be accountable for my words and actions. 


Today is a new day.

I will do my best to be the best I can be.

I will make choices that help me succeed.

I am the person in charge of the choices I make.

I CHOOSE to learn.  I CAN learn.  I WILL learn.

Today is a GREAT day! 




Grades Information  

 A  90-100  Excellent
 B  80-89  Good
 C  70-79  Satisfactory
 D  65-69  Needs Improvement
 F  Below 65

Homework Policy  





Homework  is a reinforcement and practice of the skills and concepts taught in class.  In addition, it is a tool to teach responsibility, accountabily and independence.  Generally, students should be able to complete their homework independently, however, please feel free to provide extra assistance if needed.  If an assignment proves to be extrememly difficult or confusing, please return it to school with a note so that I may provide additional instruction and support.  Daily and/or weekly homework will be written on your child's Homework Sheet. "Too often we give children the answers to

                 remember rather than the problems to

            solve." ~Roger Lewin