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Classroom Rules/Discipline

Mrs. King's 2nd Grade Discipline Plan   

Mrs. King’s 2nd Grade Clip Chart Discipline Plan

This year in our 2nd Grade Class, we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior. Class DoJo will also be incorporated reinforce behavior. See chart below for color codes and consequences for each.

Color Codes for behavior

Consequences for Each color



Each student starts their day on “Outstanding”

("I will start each day Outstanding") 

Will move to yellow after making bad choices and will have to "work" their way back up the chart

Purple smiley in planner :)

5 points on DoJo


Great Job

“Great Job”

("It's still a Great day")

Pink smiley in planner :) 3 DoJo points


Good Job

 “Good Job"

("It's still a good day")

"Blue smiley in planner :) 2 DoJo points


Ready to Learn

 “Ready to Learn”.

("Sometime things happen, I will be ready tomorrow")

Green smiley in planner :) 1 Dojo point



Think About It

If a student misbehaves they will receive a verbal warning to correct their behavior. If the behavior continues the student will move their clip down from purple to “Think About It” and lose five minutes of their recess time to help them remember to think about their choices. loose 1 point on DoJo



Teacher’s Choice

If the student continues to make poor choices, he/she will move their clip to ”Teacher’s Choice”

("Now I'm making my teacher sad") 

will receive any of the following consequences:

·       Lose 10 minutes of their recess time

·       Silent Lunch

·       Time Out in another teacher’s classroom

Orange sad face in planner :(

Loose 3 points on DoJo


Parent Contact/Office Referral

If the student still chooses to make poor decisions throughout the day, he/she will move their clip to

“Parent Contact

(STOP! "I'm not even trying") 

 will receive any of the following consequences:

·       Lose all of their recess time

·       Time Out in another teacher’s classroom

·      Possible office Referral

Red sad face in planner :(

Loose 5 points on DoJo

Classroom/School Management  

 Classroom/School Expectations

Here at Mill Creek we use the "House System" to facilitate behavior and create a family environment.  Each student is assigned to a "House" across all grade levels.

(i.e. there are different grade levels in each house)

 All students are expected to follow the character word that represent each house.  

(See character words below)


Respect (yellow house)

Responsibility (green house)

Trustworthiness (blue house)

Citizenship (purple house)

Caring (red house)

Fairness (orange house)


In class, Students are expected to follow directions quickly and make smart choices