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5th Grade Discipline Policy  

Checkmark System

Students will be issued checkmarks for behavior infractions on a weekly basis.  Behavior infractions will be tabulated in a file and passed to each teacher during the day.

First Checkmark- Warning

Second Checkmark- Silent Lunch

Third Checkmark- Parent Contact and Student Reflection Time

Fourth Checkmark- Detention

If more infractions occur, further steps will be taken such as ISS or loss of recess.  Detention is held weekly on Tuesday's from 2:45-3:15.  Children who receive detention are required to have a slip signed by a parent.  Parents are expected to pick up their child promptly at 3:15.  If a child misses detention, he/she will receive ISS unless previously arranged with the teacher by a parent.  Children who have had more than three detentions within a semester will be assigned to ISS instead of detention for further infractions.

If any infractions occur, the parent will know by looking in the child's student planner daily.