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Weekly Notes  
Activity Date: 1/21/2018

Math Topic:   Division

Test on Wednesday – January 24

-       Includes estimating the quotient using compatible numbers/reasonableness, 1-digit divisors, using models and symbols to represent division, quotients with zeros and problem solving.  

Practice book topic 4 – due Wednesday, January 24


Homework:   No spiral homework this week

1.     Study for test on Wednesday

2.     Classworks computer program – two nights this week (you pick the nights that will work for your schedule)

Login Information:

User name:  first name + middle initial + last initial   Example:  Johnws

Password:  mcsw17



Other Notes:

Report Cards went on home Wednesday, January 10. Please return those to the homeroom teacher signed.  


Bowling Field Trip – January 23

Please remember to pack your lunch or bring money to purchase items from the concession stand.  A copy of the menu is on my board.  Fifth grade will not be changing classes on this day.  We are scheduled to leave around 10:45. 


Lady Liberty Field Trip – January 25

Permission forms are due on Monday, January 22.   If the permission form did not make it home, I will gladly take an email stating you grant your child permission to attend the field trip.  Please include child’s name, date of trip and location of field trip.