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November 20-December 1  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  This will be a short week.  I do want  to test on Topic 3 Tuesday.  This is the topic covering multiplying with whole numbers.  We will start multiplying decimals the week we get back from Thanksgiving.  We will cover this topic fairly quickly with a test on Friday December 1st.  We will finish the nine weeks out with multiplying fractions. 

November 13-17  

We are starting Topic 3 this week in Math.  This will cover multiplying whole numbers.  Students will discuss the properties of multiplication (Commutative, associative, indentity, zero, and distributative).  We will also cover exponential notation mental math strategies.  


Noveber 20th is the 5th grade Chattanooga Field Trip.

Announcements for week of October 16  

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break!!  The weather was unbelievable.  
This week we will continue with Topic 9 covering adding and subtracting fractions.
We will continue with equivalent fractions and placing into simplest form.  Afterwards, look at estimating sums/differences and adding and subtracting fractions.  We started this topic before Fall break and will continue with a test in the first part of next week.  
Students will have Spiral homework this week with a quiz on Friday.  Make sure your child is working on the 10 problems a night Monday - Thursday.  
We begin division fluency this semester.  We will start our first practice this week with a quiz in the third week of this nine weeks.  It is 75 division facts to solve in      3 1/2 minutes.  This fluency is very helpful in working with fractions.
Social Studies:  We continue with our Too Good For Drugs program with Officer Lorch.  Studies Weekly will continue with week 6.  This discusses the French and English explorers.  We will have an open note test Friday.
Other Reminders:
Red Ribbon Week Oct 16-20
Monday - "Red-y" to be Drug Free - Wear Red
Tuesday - Wild about being Drug Free - Crazy Hair day
Wednesday - The Future is key to being Drug Free - Dress as your future job or Super Hero
Thursday - Put a sock on bad choices - Crazy sock day
Friday - Team up against Drugs - Team jersey day

Math and Social Studies  

Math Topic

We are beginning a new topic for Math.  This topic will focus on adding and subtracting with decimals.  

Tuesday - Looking and rounding decimals

Wednesday - Mental Math  and estimation with decimals

Thursday - Fluency Practice and adding with decimals

Friday - Continue with adding adding decimals

Social Studies Topic

This weeks focus will cover states and regions.  Students will have an open notes test on Friday.

School Dates:

Grandparents day for 5th Grade is Friday Sept. 8th from 8:00-8:45

Math and Social Studies  

Week of August 28th

Math Topic:  Understanding place value from billions to thousandths.  Students will recognize number value in different forms from standard to expanded form.  Students will recognize place values as 10 times as much and 1/10th smaller.  Students will understand decimals can be written as fraction and represent the same value.

Topic Test:  Topic 1 Test on Place Value August 30 (Wednesday)

Fluency:  Fluency practice this week

Friday September 1st Half Day:  House Color activities


Social Studies

Completing Studies Weekly 1 on Geography.  We have discussed different types of maps and the continents and oceans.  We have found the equator and prime meridian.  We have discussed different types of maps and how the study of map making (Cartography)

Studies Weekly Test:  Thursday August 31 - Students will be allowed to use their notes and studies weekly for the test.


School News:

August 31st - School Pictures

September 8th - Muffins and Memory Grandparents Day

August 28th - Parent University 6:00



Math and Social Studies  


Topic -  Place Value:  Whole and Decimal Numbers

Homework -  Students will have the weekly spiral homework assigned this week.  It is ten problems daily.  I will be reviewing and discussing those in class.  On Friday, they will have a ten question quiz applying those spiral skills.  Last week, they did great on completing the homework in class.  I did not give them the quiz on Friday.

Pre-test/Compacting -  On Friday, students were given the option to complete a pre-test.  To qualify for compacting a student must score a 90-100.  Compacting students will be provided with additional enrichment activities during this unit.  A compacting student may join me any time with the class activities being presented.  Students that did not choose to complete a pre-test will join me for the unit.  I do provide enrichment math activities for my early finishers.  

Website Calendar -  Fifth grade teachers are in the process of merging our calendars.  This means you can view the homeroom teacher calendar on the web for all subject activities.  Individual teacher notes will be found on their webpage.   (Example:  Science notes are located on Mrs. Smith’s webpage). Thank  you for being understanding while we are getting this going.  

Math Syllabus -Please sign and return.  Those went home last week and I will be sending out via distribution list.  


Social Studies - We will start our Studies Weekly.  Please make sure you turn in your $8.00 for the magazine.  Our first test will be Sept. 1st (Open notes).  Too Good for  Drugs starts Sept. 11.  We will meet every Monday for the next 8 weeks.  Graduation will be in November.

Girls On the Run - Coming to Mill Creek this fall.   Girls received information Friday during PE.  I am attaching the link in case you wanted more information.  I am SUPER excited to join as a coach.  (This is different than the Mill Creek Running Club.  Running Club information will come out in a couple of weeks)