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STEMscopes Online Textbook/Resources  

Click the linkbelow to  access the STEMscopes Online Textbook and Resources:


The username is: mcs followed by the student's first name, followed by their middle initial, followed by their last initial (all lowercase). My name is Jacqueline Kay Smith so my username would be:  mcsjacquelineks

The password is the student's first initial, followed by their last initial, followed by their lunch number. My password would be:js123456

The first assignment is the reading passage for our next unit. Just click on the assignment and download the passage.


If you have any questions, please email me at jksmith@madisoncity.k12.al.us 




Mrs. Smith



Important Reminder About Journal Grades  

Dear Parents and Students,

Please remember to write "absent" in your journal for days that you are absent from my class. You are still responsible to make up the work that you have missed. Also, remember that you will most likely see this material again on a test. After November 13, 2016, I will no longer allow students to skip a test question because they were absent on the day that the material was covered. You MUST see me to make up the work.

If you are out of class for enrichment, you do not have to make up the assignment. However, you must make a note in your journal that you were out of class for enrichment. 

Please remember that you can find any class notes in the file manager tab.



Class Notes  

Class Notes can be found under the file manager tab.

I Was Absent.... What Did I Miss?  

If your child is absent, please refer to the calendar on my webpage to see any notes or activities that were missed. The class notes can be found in the file manager. I post pictures and explanations of the hands-on activities on Instagram (follow me at jksmithscience).

Finding Class Notes  

To Find Class Notes:

  1. Click on File Manager
  2. Click on Science Notes
  3. Click on a topic
  4. Download the file