Jill Bledsoe Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Grammar, Math , Reading, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, Writing


I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Auburn University in 1993.

I received my Masters Degree in Elementary Education at Alabama A&M University in 2000   

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I began my teaching career in 1993.   I have taught first, second and now third.



Welcome to Third Grade!!

Hi!! My name is Jill Bledsoe.  I went to high school at Sparta Academy which is located in Evergreen, Alabama.  My husband, Michael, and I both grew up in Evergreen. We both graduated from Auburn University. Michael's degree is in Aerospace Engineering so that explains how we ended up in North Alabama.  God has blessed us with two wonderful children, ages 18 and 16.  We also have two dogs; Rusty and Kayleigh and two cats; Charley and Krystal.  



I have been teaching in the City of Madison for 20 years.  I started my teaching career at West Madsion Elementary. Then I transferred to Heritage Elementary when it was built in 1999.  Finally, I moved to Mill Creek Elementary when it was completed in 2009.