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Attention parents of students who applied for the Mill Creek robotics team:                             08/22/2017

Ms. Lanter, Ms. Washington and I have completed selection of the robotics team, and may I say it was not easy—there were so many great candidates!  In case you have questions I’ll explain in short how we went about the process.  First, we looked at the applications and what the kids wrote in response to the student section requirements.  Then we looked for kids with experience in robotics—previously on a team or attended robotics camp or own an EV3 robot.  Next we looked for students whose parents volunteered to help with the team—it’s very helpful to have parents with robotics or engineering/programming experience.  We looked at scheduling and who can be there at the same time.  That eliminated quite a few because our kids are so active and have other commitments.  Finally, we looked at teacher behavior rating scales—they’re rarely bad, but some are more glowing than others.  It was a difficult process to get the pool of candidates down to the maximum number of ten set by the FLL organization.

The team and first meeting will be announced tomorrow, so you will want to tell your child at home tonight, particularly if they did not make the team.  I know some of them will be disappointed, and I’m so sorry—we were disappointed too that we couldn’t fit some of them in.  I know you’ll make this as positive a life lesson for your child as you can.

If your student was not selected for the school team, you may be interested in forming a neighborhood team.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information on what’s involved in putting a team together (you shouldn’t wait long—registration fills up sometimes in September and you have to get your robot and field kit ordered).  I’ll be glad to assist you in any way I can. 

The following students will make up this year’s MCES Robotics team: Nivriti Eadala, Connor Gaufin, Dominik Karacsony, Neharika Koppineedi, Harsha Matta, Amna Minhas, Liam O’Sullivan, Anna Rey, Rishi Sethuraj and Abdullah Shaikh.